Skip the line: Colosseum Underground and Upper Levels (Full Access)

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Don't miss a thing and enjoy FULL ACCESS to all restricted areas on our skip the line tour of the Colosseum Underground and Upper Levels with Ancient city of Rome.  A 360° discovery of the Colosseum with access to its exclusive sites, only open to a certain number of visitors a day! 

The opportunity to experience and visit the Colosseum from the very bottom to the very top, is one in a lifetime! Enjoy incredible views from the highest point of the Roman Amphitheatre and look down to get a breathtaking view of the surrounding areas beneath it.

Discover the incredible Undergrounds, learn from our passionate guides about their structure, engineering and different functions. Walk through the walls and tunnels, some still standing today, and dive deep into the past to understand the life of the Romans and that of their Emperors.  

Your tickets will also allow you to access the area of the Colosseum Arena, which was once home for shows on water and sand, where you will be able to stand where Gladiators and exotic animals once fought. Be amazed by how far the Emperor went to make these shows most fascinating and entertaining for his audience.   

Palatine Hill & Roman Forum

After visiting all tiers of the Colosseum, you will then proceed your guided visit to the Palatine Hill and Roman Forum, where you will be able to admire incredible ruins and panoramic views. 

The Roman Forum was the social, political, religious and financial center of the Roman Empire, where processions, elections, public speeches, criminal trials and gladiatorial fights took place. It was also the center for commercial affairs and the main meeting point for all layers of society. 

The Palatine Hill is the center of the Seven Hills of Rome and is one of the most ancient areas of the city. This Hill is home to ruins from the early kingdom of Rome in the 7th century BCE and the Roman Republic in the later centuries BCE to the jaw-dropping palace of the Emperor Domitian in the Imperial Age. Further, you can see the more recent presence of the Farnese family during the Renaissance and that of Mussolini in the 20th century. 

Picture perfect moments that are not to be missed when visiting the Eternal City, Rome and enjoy wandering around these amazing historical areas.

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Please note that your ID may be required at the entrance. Guests who show up without an ID may not be able to access the areas of the Colosseum. No suitcase compartment is available.

Meeting point: At the green kiosk just outside the Colosseum Metro station (downstairs exit). You will be looking for our representative holding a purple "Crown Tours" sign.

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