Fast Track: 2-hour Colosseum Underground Tour

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Our 2-hour version of the Skip the line Colosseum Underground tour is designed to give you the best of the monument without having to commit to a 3 or 4 hour tour! Enjoy fast track entry and discover the incredible Undergrounds, and access the restricted area of the Arena, standing where Gladiators once stood.   

Follow our passionate guide who will show you the most fascinating and brilliant sites of the Roman Amphitheatre, bringing to life all the stories and events that this structure once hosted. 

Discover all the facets that the Underground paths conceal, understanding how and why they were built, and who their protagonists were. Be amazed by the Romans' capability of creating outstanding structures and implementing great engineering techniques. 

The glorious Arena, which was home for shows on water and sand, was famous for hosting extremely dramatic and cruel shows, wait for your guide to give you more details!  

The Colosseum Underground and Arena can easily be considered some of the most important constructions for politics and entertainment for many centuries. Full of tunnels and walls, some still standing today, these areas will allow you to dive deep into the past and understand how the Emperor communicated his power to his people, through battles and shows, and what were considered to be leisure activities for the Romans.

Upon release of payment and guarantee of booking, all guests are submitting compliance with our Terms & Conditions Policy (Click Here To Read). Should any doubt or dispute with said Terms & Conditions arise before booking, it is advised to contact us before placing your booking and submitting payment.

Please note that your ID may be required at the entrance. Guests who show up without an ID may not be able to access the areas of the Colosseum. No suitcase compartment is available.

Meeting point: At the green kiosk just outside the Colosseum Metro station (downstairs exit). You will be looking for our representative holding a purple "Crown Tours" sign.

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