The Colosseum Express Tour

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1 hrs




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Save precious time on a 1-hour skip-the-line tour of the Colosseum and look inside one of the greatest monuments of the Roman Empire. Follow in the footsteps of emperors and gladiators, and then get some free time to explore on your own. Leave those crowds behind and skip the queue with a group of the unmissable Colosseum experience. Explore the inside of one of the world's greatest attractions that are waiting for you here in Rome. Join a group tour of the Colosseum and let one of our expert English-speaking guides educate and amaze you with facts you can’t wait to share with friends at home and memorable tales of the glorious gladiatorial games you’ll never forget. The Colosseum in Rome had over 80 entrances and could accommodate around 50,000 spectators. Learn the history behind this magnificent monument and all that surrounds it. Rome's most popular structure was built for three reasons... As a gift to the Roman Citizens from the Flavian Dynasty to increase their popularity, to stage various forms of entertainment, and of course to showcase Roman engineering techniques to the world. Festivals, as well as games, could last up to 100 days in the Colosseum. Your Crown Tour Guide will walk you through the Colosseum explaining the true brilliance behind the engineering of this structure. Listen to our Tour Guides' tales of the gladiators that so gallantly entertained hundreds of people.

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